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from the Mt. Apo KBA

These are publications that summarize the cultural profile of the communities. Each community published a primer containing their history, practices, and their conservation philosophy. These were developed and written jointly with the community through their elders, leaders, and/or Indigenous community organization.

This Culture-based Conservation Field Guide was developed for researchers as well as conservation and community development practitioners working with Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICC) and local, non-indigenous communities. It is based on the PEF’s approach that uses a Culture-based Conservation (CBC) framework as a conceptual guide.

The guide is based on best practices documented in the literature combined with the collective experiences of its contributors. The guide prescribes practices at the smallest geo-political unit whose boundaries coincide with the area where the authority of its leaders or decision-makers (e.g. council of elders and/or barangay leaders) is acknowledged and recognized.



Featuring the communities' Conservation Philosophy

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