Philippine eagle conservation in the time of covid-19

In this time of crisis when we confront the consequences of a global pandemic, wildlife and forest protection is back-burnered. Such is the case despite being proven over time that increasing human contact with wildlife, forest encroachment, and destruction of natural habitats increase the risk of spreading zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.


We, at the PEF, urge for support to efforts toward long term preventive measures as a way forward from this pandemic. With the Philippine eagle as our flagship for conservation, we underscore the critical need to invest in actions that not only address the economic impact of COVID-19, but also support the protection of the eagle, its habitat, and our biodiversity and in minimizing the risk of future pandemics.

As we wrap up 2020, we once again ask for the community’s support for another rescued Philippine eagle named “Balikatan” in sustaining his needs as his rehabilitation continues. 

While Balikatan’s X-ray showed neither injuries nor abnormalities and his disease test results came back negative, he can no longer be released back in the wild. Ophthalmic test results showed that Balikatan’s left eye cannot see with unknown cause. Sadly, the other eye is also showing early signs of a possible cataract. Our rehabilitation team at the PEC is working remotely with US veterinary consultants to save the bird’s right eye. With his eyesight compromised, Balikatan will not survive the wild.

Balikatan is one of the six Philippine eagles we rescued since April 2020. This brings up the rate of rescued Philippine eagles at the highest in a year since 2001. Beyond the upkeep of Balikatan, this unprecedented turn of events calls for further support from the public to fuel our efforts in eagle rescue and rehabilitation in the months to come.

Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

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Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 



Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

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UK-based filmmaker and PEF Patron Dan O'Neill launched a campaign to support the animals at the PEC during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Beyond what we do in the PEC, the crisis will also adversely affect our work in the field ranging from eagle surveys to forest patrolling. It also impacts the livelihood of our partner communities who have an important role in the mission.

Through your support, we hope to carry on with the work as soon as the COVID 19 situation eases up.

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