We are putting the spotlight on our partner local and Indigenous communities. As neighbors to wild eagle families, they are the country’s hope for environmental stewardship.


They are the boots on the ground when it comes to saving the eagles and protecting our forests.


With the restrictions in mobilizing in the field, we need their participation even more.

Putting theirs and our team’s health and safety first, we moved all our face-to-face activities in the communities online. This comes with its own share of challenges with access to the Internet in the uplands close to nil, unreliable mobile network signal, and communication devices scarce.


You can help us navigate through these roadblocks and sustain community-based conservation initiatives in the midst of an emergency crisis.

Php 100 – Provide internet access to a Local Community Organizer for a day of training

Php 300 – Help a Local Community Organizer travel to the training site

 Php 400 Provide a Local Community Organizer with meals for the full 2-day training

Php 900 – Cover the food, travel, and load allowance of 1 Local Community Organizer for a full training session


Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

BPI # 9441-0113-31


Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 



Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

Enroll, shop, and donate to save the Philippine Eagles.

Available to residents of Canada and the USA. 


Jimmi Hill with UK charity Raptor Aid CIO raises funds for the Philippine Eagles.


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