Support PEC Animals Amid COVID-19 and avian flu outbreak

The Avian Flu outbreak in Luzon and the COVID- 19 pandemic forced the closure of the Philippine Eagle Center – home to 31 Philippine Eagles and 81 other animals. Sustaining their needs now becomes even more challenging.

Help us continue to look after the Philippine eagles and the other wildlife in our care.

With the temporary closure of the PEC, comes losing the Foundation’s largest source of revenue – admission to the PEC. As a non-profit organization, the PEF primarily relies on this and donations to fund its day-to-day operations. With the center closed indefinitely, the foundation faces depleting resources for the food and care of over 100 animals.

As a home to these animals, we need to provide not only nourishment but also safety from threats to their health and wellbeing. Through your donations to this campaign, you can help the PEF provide the animals not only with proper care, but with the necessary measures to ensure also their safety during this difficult time.

In this crisis, our Animal Keepers are our frontliners in conservation. They carry on with their daily tasks of taking care of our national bird and other animals at the PEC.

Any amount you can spare will benefit the important work of looking after these animals at the PEC. With your donations, we can purchase personal protective equipment for our keepers and provide for the daily subsistence of the animals.

Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

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Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 



Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

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Available to residents of Canada and the USA. 

UK-based filmmaker and PEF Patron Dan O'Neill launched a campaign to support the animals at the PEC during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Beyond what we do in the PEC, the crisis will also adversely affect our work in the field ranging from eagle surveys to forest patrolling. It also impacts the livelihood of our partner communities who have an important role in the mission.

Through your support, we hope to carry on with the work as soon as the COVID 19 situation eases up.

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You can choose to support any of the following initiatives:

protecting forests

securing our future

Please be informed that we only accept donations through bank deposits into our OFFICIAL account, via our donation platform on our website, or in official PEF events. These transactions warrant official receipts from the Foundation for donation verification and other purposes thereof.

We will NEVER ask our donors to donate through money transfer services.

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