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How are the Philippine Eagles at the NBBS?

Ariela and MVP Matatag are rescued eagles who could no longer be released. Ariela was brought to us with a missing talon while MVP Matatag had a fractured wing. These injuries compromise their ability to fend for themselves in the forest. Since then they have been under our care. They met each other and became a pair in the Philippine Eagle Center at Brgy. Malagos.

After three years of being together, Ariela and MVP Matatag produced their first chick in December 2021. It was the 29th chick in the Philippine Eagle Center. Ariela and MVP Matatag are promising prolific breeders and in order to maximize this, the eagles have been relocated to the National Bird Breeding Sanctuary (NBBS) in Brgy. Eden - a safer and more conducive environment for breeding. This move aims to enhance their chances of successfully laying fertile eggs and raising young eagles for eventual release into the wild. 

The surveillance provided by this camera network plays a crucial role, particularly during the breeding season in July. As conservationists explore new breeding techniques, such as natural chick rearing, the camera system helps minimize human intervention, ensuring the effectiveness of these methods for Philippine eagles.

Ariela is adopted by Ariela Marketing Corporation, and MVP Matatag is adopted by PLDT. Adopters contribute to the conservation mission by providing monetary support that helps ensure the upkeep and overall welfare of our Philippine Eagles in captivity. We need all the help we can get in ensuring that they breed successfully, and for their eaglets to be released back into their forest home.  






After more than a year of toil, we finally moved the first 8 breeding Philippine eagles to the National Bird Breeding Sanctuary. This facility, at Brgy. Eden, Toril, is on an elevation similar to that of other nesting sites. With it being a substantial distance from the city center, this facility is safe from threats such as Avian Flu. This facility is not open to the public, and will remain as such to ensure biosecurity. 

We would like to acknowledge our partners who through their trust and generosity, helped us materialize this new facility: The Boeing Company, Mandai Nature, Insular Foundation, Inc., PK Holdings, Ulticon Builders, Inc., Animal Behavior and Conservation Connections, International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, Environmental Incentives, Maria Mitchell Association, and the various donors of the #TransferBreedingEaglesNow capital campaign.

Video Production by: Timewrap Film Productions

National Bird Breeding Sanctuary

Boeing South East Asia

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City Government of Davao

Insular Life Foundation, Inc.

PK Holdings, Inc.

Maria Mitchell


Ulticon Builders,


Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections

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International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators

Michelle Hershberger

Environmental Incentives

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