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Our goal is to find all Philippine Eagle nesting sites and protect them. 

Philippine eagle nesting sites are ancient breeding areas – eagle pairs across generations occupy the same nest site over and over again. Conserving these important areas of reproduction and securing the nesting pair and their young is critical to saving the species from being lost forever.


We actively locate nests, monitor breeding eagles, and track them to establish home ranges, movement patterns, and juvenile dispersals. 

We use the data collected to know more about the eagles in the wild and determine what necessary actions and interventions to take in order to protect them.

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Our team of biologists and field technicians treks on mountains and through forests in month-long expeditions to locate nesting sites and document eagle behaviors.


We build and man observation posts as high as 31 meters above the ground where we spend hours and hours looking through high-powered binoculars to document the resident eagles' diet, behavior, and movement patterns.

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