We build and nurture a productive relationship with communities that share the forests with the Philippine Eagle.

We provide them with opportunities to fulfill economic, social, and cultural needs, as they participate in the conservation work. By engaging them, we also help them accomplish their obligations to their community and to the forest achieving a holistic sense of well-being that transcends material benefits.


The contribution of our partner indigenous communities is vital in protecting our national bird. As such, we bonded conservation values to cultural traditions, knowledge, and practices. These communities develop their own conservation plans using their respective indigenous philosophies as the backbone. This approach supports their traditional beliefs and practices as stewards of the environment.


We believe that if we help communities address their needs, we ensure the eagles’ sustainable long-term protection.


As more than 60% of the eagle habitats are within ancestral domains, this partnership is strategic. We strive to strike a balance between development needs and conservation goals.


In return for clear conservation actions, we help with their livelihoods, educational needs, bridge access to health services, and others.

We do this by implementing income-generating projects like the women-led Plushies for Conservation initiative and the Forest Guard program. 


We engage our partner communities in conservation by providing them with incentives such as education and economic opportunities which enable them to participate in wildlife and forest protection. These partnerships are important to us and we intend to nurture them as they are crucial not only in Philippine eagle conservation but also as a testament that protecting the eagles and the forests ultimately benefits humans.

Through your donation, you can help:

Build one (1) daycare center or one (1) multi-grade classroom for the children of one of our partner IP communities

Install water system

Initiate a biodiversity enterprise or livelihood




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