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On our 35th year of being at the forefront of saving the critically endangered Philippine eagle, we recognize our milestones that advanced our mission. And as we leap forward to many more, we are rallying the Filipino people to join us in saving eagles, protecting forests, and securing our future.

Let us celebrate how far we have come in conserving our national bird. It is time to transform awareness into commitment and action that preserve our eagle and our forests. 


The Philippine Eagle Foundation believes that the fate of the Philippine Eagle, the health of our environment and the quality of Philippine life are inextricably linked.  We are, therefore, firmly committed to ensure the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy.


The Philippine Eagle Foundation envisions a country where lush green forests exist in each of its major island groups with people helping the Philippine Eagle to grow and thrive naturally. We look forward to seeing these forests continue to provide clean water, clean air, abundant wildlife and products that will help sustain the needs of our children and for the generations of Filipinos yet to come. 


One eagle, one tree, one community at a time.

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The Philippine Apex Predator
on the Brink of Extinction

The Bagobo Tagabawa are the earliest settlers of Davao. Mt Apo is considered to be part of their ancestral domain, which is why they have a deep connection with the land and the forests.

Among their group, men of the tribe are the ones who usually volunteer to be Forest Guards to patrol the area. But we have women like Mrs Marlyn, who want to step up and do her part to protect this area, encouraging more women to join the troop.

In partnership with Our Better World.

"A Community Helps The Philippine Eagle to Soar Again"

Directed & Edited by: Dave Sarabia

Produced & Written by: Anmol Vaswani

Camera: Rojen Sullera

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Join the conservation mission today.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +63 917-708-9084 or fill out the form below.

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Philippine Eagle Center

Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City, PH

Tel: (082) 324-1860

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