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Rescuing Philippine Eagle Tagyaman Fernando

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

By: Dr. Jason Ibañez, Director for Research and Conservation

PE Tagyaman Fernando during his rescue


Three people, in succession, reported another immature eagle needing rescue last October 4. The bird was accidentally caught in a native trap at the Pantaron mountains of San Fernando town in Bukidnon last October 1. LGU Bukidnon and DENR staff handed over the bird to PEF on October 5 in Malaybalay City.

The bird was transported to PEC and was examined. It weighed 3.9 kgs, had good muscles and appeared to have no serious injuries, although x-ray showed an air gun pellet lodged at the right wing of the bird.

Because it had not eaten for four days, PEF Animal Keeper Dominic Tadena hand-fed the bird with fresh chunks of meat laced with supplements. The bird’s eyes were covered by a leather hood, but the starving bird gobbled up any meat that touched its beak. Half-way through the feeding, it plunged its face into the meat bowl and ate voraciously by itself.

After a few months, Tagyaman Fernando was rehabilitated successfully and is set to go back to his forest home on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

PE Tagyaman Fernando being hand fed at the PEC

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