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International Day of Biodiversity 2023 "From agreement to action: Build back biodiversity"

This #InternationalDayforBiologicalDiversity2023 we celebrate the importance of putting agreement to action to build back biodiversity through our partnerships with the indigenous community. ✨💚

The ancestral forest of our Manobo Tigwahanon community partner in San Fernando, Bukidnon is also home to a pair of Philippine eagles. The Salumayag Forest Guards watch over the forest and the Philippine eagles nesting there. Because the eagles are protected, so are the rest of the flora and fauna living there.

“Securing Sacred Areas, Culture, Rivers, and Endangered Biodiversity within Ancestral Domains at the Northern Pantaron Bioregion", also known as SACRED, coordinates with citizens, civil society organizations, the government, and private actors to protect the ancestral domains within the Northen Pantaron Range (NPR). This group of stakeholders aim to sustainably manage the NPR as a biodiversity, water, and carbon sanctuary while upholding human well-being and resilience. Conservation of the Northern Pantaron Range is part of the USAID INSPIRE Project through the Gerry Roxas Foundation. Thus, supporting our efforts to go #FromAgreementToAction in order to #BuildBackBiodiversity.

Photos by © Andrei Von Mariano Tirona

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