Geothermica and Sambisig are the pioneering pair of Philippine eagles in an International Wildlife Loan Agreement. The first ever for the species is between the Philippines and Singapore.

what are they up to these days?

One year after their transfer, Geothermica and Sambisig  are getting comfortable in their new home at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. 

They are both healthy and are eating well. They also groom themselves regularly by preening or cleaning their feathers with their beaks. They also like to bask in the sun and even in the rain.

The pair is observed to be getting along better and are often seen perching close to each other. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jurong Bird Park has temporarily closed their facilities to the public, but the birds remain to be safe and well cared for.


Geothermica seems to like his personal space neat and tidy and spends most of his time arranging his nest to his liking.


He also likes observing people and buggies that pass by his enclosure from a high vantage point. 


Sambisig is a little more feisty than Geothermica and not into housekeeping much. As observed by her keeper, she likes to throw out the majority of her nesting materials. 

She also prefers bathing and knocking CCTV cameras out of alignment in her spare time. Like Geothermica, she likes to people watch, but does so perched on the lower beam of her enclosure. 



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