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"Empowerment and Quality of Life for Indigenous Peoples"

For our forest guards to effectively carry out their duties, they require essential personal protective equipment and backpacks tailored to their challenging conditions. This gear is essential to their safety, comfort, and effectiveness during demanding forest activities.

Donate Page

 Php 500 – Supplies a new pair of boots and whistles.

 Php 1,000  Issues new uniform sets that they wear during patrol.

 Php 2,000 – Help our FGs stay dry through quality raincoats and also headlamps for traversing low visibility areas.

 Php 5,000 – The weather can be challenging. Dry bags and a rainfly they could use as temporary shelter will keep their equipment dry.

Please be informed that we only accept donations through bank deposits into our OFFICIAL account, via our donation platform on our website, or in official PEF events. These transactions warrant official receipts from the Foundation for donation verification and other purposes thereof.

We will NEVER ask our donors to donate through money transfer services.


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