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raptors in 


Raptors in Flight! is a natural behavior demonstration of the Philippine Eagle and other raptor species at the Philippine Eagle Center!

first come, first served!



admission fee



book now!

Pay on site or deposit your payment through our bank account!

all access!

Entrance with tour of the Philippine Eagle Center, film viewing, meet and greet the PEF mascot Malaya


Email us at  or call us at 09177089084.

50% down payment is required for reservations to be approved. All payments must be deposited to BPI CA #9441-0022-51

Please email the deposit slip (or any form of transaction acknowledgement) to Once your transaction is verified, you will receive an Acknowledgement Receipt for your reservation.

Down payments are non-refundable. Please present the Acknowledgement Receipt and pay the remaining balance at the PEC to claim your seat. Official Receipt shall be issued once payment is complete.


Please be informed that the flight demonstration may be cancelled due to bad weather, unavailability of the birds or major technical difficulties.

Paid customers may opt to use the payment on some other dates or have it refunded.

Refund for the full amount can be expected immediately in the gift shop. 

things to remember

All birds participating in the flight demonstration are wild animals and are not to be kept as pets. The PEF has a special permit from the DENR that allows us to keep the birds at the Philippine Eagle Center.

Guests can take photos and videos as long as the camera's flash is disabled.

Guests have to remain seated on the bleachers provided during the whole demonstration.

Absolutely NO raising of hands during the flight demonstration.

NO sudden movements, screaming or talking loudly during the demonstration, as that may distract the birds.

Don't try to touch or catch the birds. 

Don't feed the birds, our keepers will take care of that.

NO food is allowed in the area. Kindly keep all food and snacks inside your bag.

Parents should keep an eye on their kids and keep them from running around the premises.

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