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Monkayo-Pagasa Carbon Forest Reforestation Efforts Launched

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The Monkayo Pagasa Carbon Forest is the 22.4-hectare forest restoration initiative in Brgy Banlag. The goal is to restore the area to its original lowland dipterocarp forest state by initially planting fast growing species of native trees. Once these trees formed canopies, other species of trees will have better conditions to thrive.

When the initial fast-growing trees have formed a canopy, shade-loving and climax species can now be planted and nurtured. Carbon forests mitigate the negative effects of climate change, serve as a wildlife sanctuary, and can also serve as a watershed in the very heart of Monkayo.


Eventually, when the forest is restored and ambient conditions are created, a portion of the area can be a satellite breeding facility for our Philippine eagle pairs.

The MPCF initiative is supported by Reduce Reuse Grow Inc, Cantilan Bank, Municipal LGU of Monkayo, Barangay LGU of Banlag, and the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office of Davao de Oro. The project also engages community members in forest restoration through the Banlag Santol Kalikasan Workers Association a.k.a. BASAKWA - a people's organization in Banlag, and the Yap Famiy.

On April 22, 2022, Earth Day, PEF staff planted 115 seedlings at MPCF. 

On September 28, 2023, we  signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Local Government of Monkayo for the protection and management of the Monkayo Pag-asa Carbon Forest. The Monkayo LGU has issued a Municipal Ordinance declaring the 22-hectare MPCF as a local conservation area, which further protects the area as a carbon sink, biodiversity sanctuary and watershed. In addition, the Monkayo LGU also committed annual funding in support of forest restoration and tree nurturing work by our community partner, the Banlag Santol Kinaiyahan Workers Association (BASAKWA). Present during this historical event were the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office of DENR Davao de Oro and Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office of Monkayo, Barangay LGUs of Banlag and San Jose.  Atty. Carlo Ancla, representative and co-founder of the Nabunturan Native Tree Enthusiasts (NNTE) provided the seedlings that were planted during the event.

To this day, the forestation site is being monitored by BASAKWA and the LGU of Brgy. Banlag. The people's organization as well as the constituents of Brgy. Banlag are looking forward to a future where the site could serve as a satellite breeding facility for Philippine eagles.

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