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Arellano University Adopts Philippine Eagle Elisa

We are excited to welcome our new Philippine Eagle adopter- the Arellano University! They have officially adopted one of the female eagles at the PEC and named her Elisa.

Elisa is an eagle from the wild that was rescued and rehabilitated in 2009. She is now mal imprinted to her keeper and is currently a candidate of our Cooperative Artificial Insemination program. Hopefully we'll get to see her lay a fertile egg soon and eventually hatch her second offspring since 2013.

Arellano University has also renewed their adoption of 2 Pinsker's Hawk Eagle which they named Esperanza and Estela.

Their adoption support amounting to Php 250,000.00 will cover the birds' food, enclosure maintenance, and veterinary and keeper care for one year. By adopting one of our Philippine Eagles and other raptors, Arellano University not only helps provide their day-to-day needs, but also effectively supports our conservation breeding efforts as a whole.

For adoption inquiries, please email us at

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