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ALI-Davao Carbon Forest awarded "Best Ecosystem Restoration Initiative" in Southeast Asia

Ms. Anna Maria M. Gonzales, Head of Sustainability of Ayala Land Inc. receives the "Best Ecosystem Restoration Initiative" on behalf of Ayala Land Inc. and the Philippine Eagle Foundation, during the first-ever recognition rites in Jakarta, Indonesia last June 5, 2023. Photos courtesy of Center for Biodiversity.

We are proud to announce that the ALI Davao Carbon Forest (ADCF) Project in Davao City has been awarded the "Best Ecosystem Restoration Initiative" in Southeast Asia by the ASEAN Green Initiative. We are one of eight (8) forest restoration projects who were given the same award.

This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers. We are grateful for all og our partners and volunteers from the private sector, government, universities, schools, Indigenous communities, NGOs, families, and private citizens for their contributions to this project. Without their support, this milestone would not have been possible.

The ADCF Project began in 2018 with the goal of restoring an 11-hectare grassland back to its original forest state. Since then, more than 30,000 native and fast-growing (pioneer) trees have been planted, creating a new green space at the heart of suburban Davao City. This new forest acts as a new carbon sink, a home to many endemic flora and fauna, and a nature park for Davao residents.

30,613 trees have planted and continue to grow at the ADCF by the end of 2022. Tree nurturing activities are scheduled several times a month, usually weekends, to plant seedlings, manage weeds around growing trees, and to dig new plots ready for planting.

The work at the ADCF is not done. In the next three years, we will begin to integrate species of large and long-lived trees inside the young forest. Such "climax" species of trees will help transform the ADCF into a permanent and mature forest lasting even beyond three human lifetimes.

Join us in the reforestation of this carbon sink in the city. Schedule tree nurturing activities for your group, help us maintain the plots and ensure that planted trees grow healthy. Message us on the PEF Facebook Page or email us thru:

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