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A Breeding Philippine Eagle Gets Adopted

Philippine eagle “Perry” is adopted by Trans-Global Consolidator’s, Inc. (TGC), the first and only formal consolidator in the Philippines with a core competency in Airfreight and Seafreight Consolidation. TGC joins the PEF in its mission to save the Philippine eagle by adopting Perry for three years. It is committed to sponsor the upkeep of eagle Perry by donating Php 200,000 annually to cover Perry’s needs including food, enclosure maintenance, keeper care, and veterinary care.

Perry is a 14-year old female eagle in her prime for breeding. She is mal imprinted to her keeper whom she recognizes as her mate. Perry is currently a candidate for Cooperative Artificial Insemination (CAI). Last breeding season, Perry laid two eggs, albeit infertile due to lack of viable semen from male eagles for CAI.

The keeper observes Perry frequently building her nest with the sprigs he brings to her. He also hears Perry’s recognition vocals whenever he approaches her enclosure. The keeper visits Perry up to three times daily to continue to stimulate her breeding activities.

By adopting Philippine eagle Perry, TGC supports the captive breeding efforts of the PEF to save the species from extinction. In this global pandemic, protecting the eagle, its habitat, and our biodiversity is a way forward in keeping zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19 at bay. As such, TGC’s partnership with the PEF fuels a long-term preventive approach in minimizing risks of future outbreaks.

Perry turns 15 years old on November 25, 2020.

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