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Executive Director

Trustee of the Forest Foundation Philippines

Vice chairman of the Philippine Eagle Working Group


Regional Development Council XI


IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership Governing Council

He led the development and application of the PEF’s integrated and holistic approach to endangered species management. This involved establishing a full program dedicated to improving the welfare of indigenous cultural communities and migrant marginal-income families in the uplands as a conservation strategy. As part of its holistic approach, Salvador also strengthened the PEF’s ex situ conservation approach through the continued improvement of the Philippine Eagle Center as the only breeding and rehabilitation facility for the eagle and as an education resource for school children in Mindanao. 

Salvador also contributed to the issuance of a presidential proclamation declaring the Philippine Eagle as the country’s national bird. In his leadership, the PEF evolved into one of the leading science-based and people-oriented conservation organizations in the country. 

Salvador’s recognition as a champion of our national bird includes the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM 2000) among others. 

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