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Based in Bristol, UK, Dan is a zoologist, independent film producer, presenter, and film festival founder with an unquenchable thirst for wildlife, science and adventure.

Dan has degrees in Zoology and Wildlife Filmmaking, respectively, and is currently preparing for a PhD study into the conservation impacts of conflict and war at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

He is also Founder and CEO of Wilderland Festival, a wildlife film festival that engages the power of modern media and stunning filmography through multi-national tours that showcase wildlife and conservation issues in a way that inspires people to act. 

Since venturing into the wildlife filmmaking industry, he has produced and presented projects focused on some of the world’s most elusive and threatened species. From the Bengal tigers of India, jaguars and harpy eagles of the Amazon, to the one of the world’s rarest primates, the critically endangered Cat Ba Langur of Vietnam.

February of this year, his adventure brought him all the way to the Philippines to film one of the largest raptors in the world- the great Philippine Eagle. 

Dan O'Neill is currently putting together a documentary about the imperiled eagle, and the people behind the conservation mission.

He has also donated four high-end Avalon binoculars to be used for field research and monitoring. 

Now back in UK, Dan O'Neill is set to launch his very own fundraising campaign for the Philippine Eagle. 







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