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The Philippine Eagle Foundation team led by Executive Director Dennis Salvador has successfully participated at the International Ornithological Congress 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. The IOC has given the PEF the opportunity to showcase to an international audience the 31 years of work and research to save our National bird-the Great Philippine Eagle from extinction.


To welcome the PEF delegates, a special Welcome Reception led by Consul General Maria Andrelita Austria was held with British Columbia Minister of State for Trade Hon. George Chow and the Director of Cornell Lab of Ornithology John W. Fitzpatrick as guests of honor.


At the Congress, many researchers and bird enthusiasts visited the PEF booth where the PEF's various work and expertise were highlighted through posters and video presentations. The PEF also had the chance to discuss their research on the rare Philippine Eagle through the Poster Presentation by Executive Director Dennis Salvador and the e-poster/speed talk presentation by PEF Director for Research and Conservation Jayson Ibanez.  A special screening of The Bird of Prey movie by Neil Rettig, followed by a Panel Discussion by Dennis Salvador and Laura Johnson was also arranged with about 200 people attending.



Ultimately, the PEF was able to forge connections with likeminded individuals and institutions that could eventually translate into fruitful partnerships in terms of our scientific researches and finding more resources to support the mission. 


The participation of the PEF was made possible through the generous support of Philippine Airlines.

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