Take a peek into the everyday life of eaglet Agsamon at the PEC!

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Agsamon was merely around 2 to 3 months old when it was removed by a local from its nest in San Fernando, Bukidnon on February 24, 2021. After admission at the PEC, Agsamon was reared using a Philippine Eagle puppet. This technique helps raise the chick as though its own eagle parents took care of it in the wild. This also keeps a captive eaglet like Agsamon from getting used to the presence of keepers and therefore be suitably reared for release back to its forest home.


Another important part of the rearing method is seeing an adult eagle so that the chick can acquire the natural behaviors of its species. Salagbanog is the “mentor” eagle for Agsamon. He is the eagle perched in the other room.


While Agsamon is a juvenile eagle, its sex is still undetermined.


Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 

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Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc. 



Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc.