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Pag-asa is the first ever Philippine Eagle bred and hatched in captivity using cooperative artificial insemination (CAI) techniques. Pag-asa’s birth is the culmination of 14 years worth of research and heralded hope for the critically endangered species and the entire conservation mission.


Years after he was hatched, the PEF reached yet another milestone with Pag-asa in the form of his first and only offspring Mabuhay, also bred and hatched through CAI.


Even after he retired from breeding, Pag-asa lived his life as an icon of hope for Filipinos, young and old, and was a constant inspiration to the people working tirelessly to save our national bird from extinction.

Pag-asa perched on its keeper's gloved hand during copulation.jpg

Pag-asa perched on his keeper, Manong Eddie

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