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October - December 2022



Before 2022 wrapped up, we have finalized the metes and bounds of the location of the Philippine Eagle Conservation Breeding Sanctuary (PECBS) in Barangay Eden. We are now preparing for the construction of the access road and targeting mid March to transfer the three natural pairs to the site. (click the reel above for more information on each photo)

Aside from our partnership with the Davao City Government in securing a parcel of land within the Eden Tourism Reservation for the captive breeding eagles, we need support from the public and the private sector for the construction and operations of the first phase of the facility. SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN.

As we prepare the relocation site, one of our breeding pairs seem to be looking forward to it. It took time for these eagles to bond but Gavra Maslog and Mayumi are now paired.

Mayumi (left) cautiously approaches Gavra Maslog (right) on their nest platform

After months of close monitoring, Gavra Maslog and Mayumi have been observed to share an enclosure without showing aggressive territorial behaviors. There are a few weeks left for the 2022 breeding season so we hope that their chemistry as a pair continues to improve. And hopefully in the next season beginning July, we can anticipate an eaglet from this pair. 🫶💞


Mayumi and Gavra Maslog will be joining the first batch of eagles to be transferred to the new breeding facility in Eden. 


Mayumi is adopted by Seda Hotels and Gavra Maslog is adopted by Omnipay Inc.

Seiko Philippines Adopts Rescued Philippine Eagle "Eiko"

On October 26, 2022, Seiko Philippines (Timeplus Corporation) launched a Philippine limited-edition Prospex watch inspired by the Philippine eagle. Along with this, they committed to support one Philippine eagle by giving Php 200,000 in January 2023 for the eagle’s food, keeper care, and veterinary care for one year.

​Seiko Philippines chose to support the rescued eagle Agsamon, whom they renamed Eiko. This eagle was rescued in 2020 in Bukidnon. Eiko was taken from her nest while she was still a fledgling - making her the youngest eagle that we have rescued. Fortunately, Eiko did not suffer any injuries at that time. She is now being closely monitored at the Philippine Eagle Center. Depending on her wellbeing, she may be kept in captivity for breeding or be released back to her forest of origin in Bukidnon.

PEF Biologists Participate in the 30th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium

BUTUAN CITY, CARAGA - Our biologists present new findings about the Philippine eagle’s global population estimate and its loyalty to its breeding site at the 30th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium in Father Saturnino Urios University organized by the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines (BCSP). Aside from research focused on the eagle, our biologists also presented studies on Philippine biodiversity. 


Led by our Director for Research and Conservation Dr. Jayson Ibañez, Senior Biologist Rowell Taraya, and Biologists Tristan Senarillos and Andrei Von Tirona attended the symposium where latest discoveries on Philippine Biodiversity were shared not just to the conservation community but to the general public. Kudos to our research team for reaching a wider audience which will help encourage support to our cause. 

Studies presented:


*Diet composition and variation among age-sex groups of Philippine Long-tailed Macaques Macaca      fascicularis philippensis (Geoffroy, 1843) in Mt. Apo Natural Park, Philippines. Alliah Jairah G. Enrique, Lief Erikson D. Gamalo, Brian T. Sabanal, Jay T. Torrefiel, Aaron Froilan M. Raganas, Leo Manuel B. Estaña, Jayson C. Ibañez

Priority conservation areas and a global population estimate for the Critically Endangered Philippine Eagle derived From modelled range metrics using remote sensing habitat characteristics. Luke J. Sutton, Jayson C. Ibanez, Dennis I. Salvador, Rowell L. Taraya, Guiller S. Opiso, Tristan Luap, P. Senarillos, Christopher, J.W. McClure

Inventory and abundance of forest vertebrate species in the unprotected regions of the Mount Apo Range, Philippines. Jhonnel P. Villegas, Giovanne G. Tampos, Jayson C. Ibañez, Jireh R. Rosales

Preliminary survey on the bird species diversity of Gigaquit, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines. Tristan Luap P. Senarillos, Greggo B. Uriarte, Cely A. Digao, Jayson C. Ibañez

Why come back home? Breedingsite fidelity of the Critically Endangered Philippine Eagle in Macabol-Alikoson Conservation Area. Rowell L. Taraya, Jayson C. Ibañez

New distribution record of Eutropis englei Taylor, 1925 in Mindanao, Philippines. Andrei Von Tirona, Tristan Luap Senarillos, Kier Mitchell Pitogo



PEF Volunteers and Forest Guards Work Together Planting Over 12,000 Seedlings in Arakan

Our volunteers and our partner forest guards the Kaguko, Paraiso, Pag-asa Environment Conservation Association (KPP-ECA) Bantay Sinaka worked together in planting and geotagging seedlings at the foot of Mt Sinaka, in Arakan, North Cotabato. As of December 2022, a total of 12,536 seedlings were planted in all 3 sitios which included 1,599 trees that were geotagged. Our team would not have done this without the participation of the KPP-ECA Bantay Sinaka and our volunteers. 

With them, we have conducted tree monitoring and maintenance of 5 hectares of forestation area within Sitio Nilawlawan, Sitio Bagtok, and Sitio Pundok. A nursery was also constructed in Sitio Pormon.

Measuring the Carbon Offset of the
ALI-Davao Carbon Forest

After almost 5 years, we can finally measure the impact of the ALI-Davao Carbon Forest (ADCF) in carbon offsetting. The Center for Conservation Innovation Philippines (CCI-PH) in collaboration with Ayala Land, Inc. began the process of measuring the carbon offset of the ADCF. CCI-PH conducted canopy cover and tree measurements and aerial surveys using drones to gather data that is currently being analyzed. Findings of this research will help us gauge how much positive environmental impact we are creating through the ADCF. 

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The PEF Launches the Indigenous People's Coalition for Biodiversity, Environment, and Culture

The PEF together with the Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities of Mt Apo launched the Indigenous Peoples’ Coalition for Biodiversity, Environment, and Culture (IP-CBEC) to signify a united front in conserving the forests and nature within their ancestral domains. Although each community is unique in its conservation philosophies and customary practices, the coalition is one in caring for the wildlife in Mt Apo.

IP-CBEC is composed of the Bagobo Tagabawa - Sibulan, the Bagobo Tagabawa - Toril, the Bagobo Klata, the Obu Manuvu, and the Monuvu Tinonanon. 

The launch was held last October 26 at SM Lanang. Simultaneously, the Indigenous youth volunteers and artists from the member communities painted a mural at the gym in Sitio Ladian, Marilog, Davao City inspired by their cultures and the biodiversity in Mt Apo.

Video BG Music: Maan Chua - Itadyak (Mindanao). No copyright infringement intended.

It is included in the mandate of the IP-CBEC that Indigenous culture is perpetuated through the younger generations. The PEF joins these communities in their biocultural festivals celebrating their values and traditions and conservation philosophies.

The Bagobo Klata held the Menum Festival on October 9, commemorating the safe breeding of eagles and wildlife within their ancestral domain.

The Bagobo Tagabawa-Toril held the Pasumar-sumari Festival on November 29 highlighted by the performance of modern songs rendered in the "Binagobo" language.

Part of the launch of the IP-CBEC, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency Hae Kyong Yu, PSM visits the Philippine Eagle Center last December 2022 and met with the coalition leaders. The Australian Embassy is a key supporter of the IP-CBEC. With the Australia Global Alumni, the embassy has supported several projects such as the Philippine Eagle Conservation Translocation Project in Leyte through the Direct Aid Program and the Mt. Apo and Pantaron Indigenous Peoples Coalition project under the Alumni Grant Scheme. These projects are done through the Culture-based Conservation Approach that puts our IP partners and their methods at the forefront of protecting our national bird and its forest habitat.


Bagobo Tagabawa-Sibulan - Gomanan Festival (Jan. 13, 2023)
Monuvu Tinonanon - Limlimuwan Festival (Jan. 20, 2023)
Obu Manuvu - Pusaka Festival (Final date coming soon)


Mt Apo Indigenous Peoples Coalition for Biodiversity, Environment, and Cultural Integrity

The Communities:

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Obu Manuvu

Monuvu Tinonanon

Bagobo Klata

Bagobo Tagabawa - Toril

Bagobo Tagabawa - Sibulan


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Other partners supporting Mt Apo IP-CBEC:

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